AtCoder Regular Contest 090


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Avoiding Collision ユーグレナちゃん! 入力例2と入力例3は同じではないですか? 申し訳こざいません、手違いによりそれらの入力例が同じケースになってしまいましたが、変更の予定はありません。
Sorry, Sample Input 2 and 3 in Problem E are the same due to some errors in creating them, but we will not change them.
Avoiding Collision grumpy_gordon Check who traverses where in english, there is a bug. Sorry, that was our mistake. "Takahashi travels to Vertex T, and Takahashi travels to Vertex S..." the second "Takahashi" here should be "Aoki". We are fixing it now.

EDIT: Fixed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.